At first, the 1987 championship was a four-way battle between Williams drivers Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell, Lotus driver Ayrton Senna, and McLaren driver and defending two-time champion Alain Prost. Mansell vinse quindi davanti al compagno di squadra e a Prost; quarto concluse Senna, seguito da Teo Fabi e Streiff[10]. On the slowing down lap Mansell ran out of fuel, and the Honda engine in his car blew up. Particolarità del modello: imitazione fedele nei dettagli. At the start Senna took the lead with Mansell slow away but he recovered to be second by the end of the first lap ahead of Prost, Piquet, Boutsen, Alboreto and Johansson. The drivers were all complaining intensely about the track surface to FIA personnel, but not much could be done at this point. In the closing laps Patrese dropped back because he had used too much fuel and so Alboreto was second until he lost boost pressure and Senna went ahead again. * Dalmas was not eligible for points (see above). The Italian also did a couple of extra laps at the end of the first qualifying and the catalogue of rule-breaking proved to be too much for the stewards to accept. Per la classifica costruttori, invece, tutti i punti sono validi. He eventually got ahead but Piquet soon retaliated. Stante la grande differenza di prestazione tra le vetture con motore a turbocompressore da 1500 cm³ e quelle "aspirate" da 3500 cm³, con notevole svantaggio di queste ultime, la FIA promosse un trofeo per i piloti e le scuderie che schieravano monoposto dotate di propulsori aspirati. It was going to be a straight fight between the two of them. La lotta fra i due si risolse definitivamente durante la seconda serie di cambi gomme, durante la quale Piquet perse oltre dieci secondi per aver fatto spegnere il motore della propria vettura. Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of Formula One World Championship points scoring systems, Results and images from the 1987 Formula One World Championship at,, Articles needing additional references from October 2016, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 December 2020, at 05:33. The Formula One circus moved from one Hispanophonic country to another; this time to Mexico 3 weeks after the Spanish round. A Spa ci vollero due partenze per dare il via alla corsa. The pace of the two Williams cars was so furious that they lapped the entire field on a dry circuit. Nel Gran Premio degli Stati Uniti, disputato a Detroit, Mansell conquistò nuovamente la pole position davanti a Senna, come già accaduto a Monaco; anche in questa occasione il pilota inglese condusse la gara nelle prime fasi, perdendo la testa della corsa durante i pit stop a causa di un problema nel fissaggio di una ruota. This led to questions over whether Honda would treat the two Williams drivers fairly in the battle for the World Championship as Nelson Piquet would be a Honda driver in 1988 and Mansell would not. Alfa Romeo had only recently been acquired by FIAT which was not keen on the Alfa name being in F1. It took Piquet until the eleventh lap to overtake Senna. Qualifying resulted in Mansell beating Senna to pole with Prost third, edging Piquet to fourth. Prost then went ahead again and led for the rest of the afternoon, never looking threatened as he did not have a third tire stop while his rivals Senna and Piquet did. A new grid was formed up based on the order of the cars before the crash with the race being decided on aggregate. This race, held at the high-altitude and very bumpy Hermanos Rodriguez Autodrome located within a recreational public park in the middle of Mexico City was the 450th Formula One Grand Prix, and the field was much as it had been all season, the only changes being that Osella had gone back to one car and Larrousse has expanded to two with Yannick Dalmas joining Philippe Alliot. At the end of the first lap, however, Berger took the lead and with Senna fighting off Piquet for third place the race began to settle down. He rejoined at the back. This time Senna took the lead from Mansell although halfway around the first lap Nigel tried to overtake and the two cars collided and both spun. A Estoril, la Renault e la Pirelli annunciarono il ritiro dalla Formula 1 alla fine della stagione, mentre la Ferrari ufficializzò l'ingaggio di Gerhard Berger dalla Benetton, come compagno di Alboreto per il 1987. Solo i migliori undici risultati erano conteggiati come punti: tra parentesi i punti reali fatti segnare dai piloti. The Canadian Grand Prix had been cancelled due to a dispute over local sponsors Molson and Labatt's; so Detroit was the only North American round in the middle of the European season. Il campionato costruttori fu invece dominato dalla Williams - Honda, che se lo aggiudicò per la seconda volta consecutiva; il team inglese marcò in tutto 137 punti, ben sessantuno in più della McLaren seconda classificata. Prost went by later on the second lap and Piquet followed on the third lap. An exciting World Championship showdown between Williams-Honda teammates Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell was on the cards, and the Brazilian Piquet was 12 points ahead on points so the British Mansell was the man under pressure and in qualifying he cracked and crashed heavily at the fast Snake sweepers behind the paddock. Going into the German Grand Prix at the very fast Hockenheimring with its forested straights, the World Championship was finely balanced at the midseason with Nelson Piquet leading on 39 points, Ayrton Senna second with 35, Nigel Mansell third with 30 and Alain Prost fourth with 26. Boutsen finally retired with a broken CV joint which left fourth place to Eddie Cheever (Arrows-Megatron) with Satoru Nakajima's Lotus-Honda and Rene Arnoux sixth in the Ligier-Megatron. There we no changes in the entry after the Belgian GP and so it was business as usual at Monaco where the three leading Honda-engined cars were at the front as usual with Nigel Mansell taking pole in his Williams, Ayrton Senna second in the Lotus and Nelson Piquet third in the second Williams. Nelson Piquet was 18 points ahead with three races to go and so Nigel Mansell needed a good result without Piquet scoring too well. Il Trofeo Jim Clark venne assegnato a Jonathan Palmer, pilota della Tyrrell a motore Cosworth, la quale vinse il Trofeo Colin Chapman per i costruttori. Eventually, it became a straight fight between Piquet and Mansell, who between them finished with nine wins from the season's sixteen races. Team boss Peter Warr moved quickly and signed Nelson Piquet, who was unhappy that Frank Williams would not give him clear number one status at Williams. Nella stagione 1987 del Campionato mondiale di Formula 1 i punti erano attribuiti nel modo seguente: 9 punti al primo, 6 al secondo, 4 al terzo, 3 al quarto, 2 al quinto e 1 al sesto classificato. The first race in April at the fast, rough and abrasive Jacarepagua Riocentro Autodrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil resulted in a dominant showing from Williams-Honda with Mansell ahead of Piquet. Il Gran Premio del Messico, invece, fu sospeso dopo un violento incidente di Warwick; in quel momento, Mansell era in testa alla gara davanti a Senna, il sorprendente Patrese e Piquet. Piquet's race ended with an engine failure in the closing laps, so fourth place went to Alboreto with Boutsen fifth and Satoru Nakajima sixth. The race was stopped but both men were unhurt, although the Tyrrell team's cars were demolished. Mansell had moved up to third, and there were further incidents down through the field with Stefan Johansson being spinning and being eliminated when he was hit by Christian Danner, and Nakajima crashing into the back of Derek Warwick's Arrows at the end of the main straight. I due gran premi seguenti, su circuiti cittadini, videro il dominio della Lotus a sospensioni attive di Ayrton Senna. La stagione 1985 del Campionato mondiale FIA di Formula 1 è stata, nella storia della categoria, la 36ª ad assegnare il Campionato Piloti e la 28ª ad assegnare il Campionato Costruttori. The field was much as it had been at the San Marino GP a fortnight earlier, although Osella was back to one car again. Then there were red flags after Warwick (Arrows-Megatron) had a huge accident at the final corner when something broke at the back of his car as a result of Nakajima running into him earlier. Mansell took the flag just under half a minute ahead of Senna with Alboreto third. * Indica quei piloti che non hanno terminato la gara ma sono ugualmente classificati avendo coperto, come previsto dal regolamento, almeno il 90% della distanza totale. Terzo, seppure a tavolino, giunse Boutsen, seguito da Palmer, Dalmas e Moreno, che portò alla AGS il primo punto della sua storia[20]. But come the San Marino Grand Prix held at the fast Autodromo Dino Ferrari in Italy, Nelson Piquet had a huge accident at the flat out Tamburello corner when he suffered a tire failure during qualifying and was forbidden from racing by F1 doctor Sid Watkins. In Spagna ed in Messico Mansell conquistò due vittorie consecutive che gli permisero di dimezzare il distacco in classifica dal compagno di squadra, portandolo a dodici lunghezze. The third row of the grid was shared by the two Benetton-Fords of Thierry Boutsen and Teo Fabi while row four was an all-Ferrari affair with Michele Alboreto just ahead of Gerhard Berger. Nelson Piquet was third with Alain Prost fourth in his McLaren while Michele Alboreto was fifth in the second Ferrari and Senna sixth. Nelson Piquet was World Champion for the third time, his season-long consistency having paid dividends. Prost's race ended, however, on Lap 15 when the McLaren suffered an alternator failure. Boutsen chased Berger early on but dropped behind Senna, Piquet and Johansson. At the start of the second lap Berger challenged for second place and Mansell closed the door so the two cars collided and Boutsen moved to second place with Berger third and Mansell fourth. Martin Brundle left Tyrrell to join Christian Danner at Zakspeed while Zakspeed's Jonathan Palmer joined Philippe Streiff at Tyrrell, which had gone back to using Cosworth DFZ engines. Si chiude ad Abu Dabhi la stagione di Formula 1 con la … The entry was unchanged from the field that had raced at Monaco three weeks earlier and as usual the battle for pole position was between the Honda-powered cars with Nigel Mansell fastest on this occasion with his Williams. At the front Boutsen took the lead from Berger on the second lap with Mansell a distant third but then the Benetton began to misfire and Berger went back into the lead and Boutsen went out with electronic injection trouble. Awarded to constructors of cars equipped with naturally aspirated engines. At the second round of stops Piquet stalled in the pitlane and lost just under 10 secs and so Mansell was able to win. Furono reintrodotti i motori aspirati, di fatto vietati nel 1986 (cilindrata dei motori massima 1500 con "sovralimentazione ammessa"); la loro cilindrata fu aumentata a 3500 cm³. La canzone è "Every Me, Every You" dei Placebo, colonna sonora del gioco F12000 per Playstation The Silverstone circuit, which was originally the fastest circuit on the calendar had been modified: the Woodcote chicane had been taken out and replaced with a slower chicane further down the Bridge straight. The top five did not change for the first half of the race with Senna at the front of a train of cars. Enter the world of Formula 1. La FA1I a Imola nel 1987 Descrizione generale Costruttore Osella Corse: Categoria Formula 1: Squadra Osella: Progettata da Ignazio Lunetta: Sostituisce FA1/G FA1/H: Sostituita da FA1/L: Descrizione tecnica Meccanica Telaio Monoscocca in fibra di carbonio Motore Alfa Romeo V8 Turbo: Trasmissione Hewland a 5/6 rapporti manuale Dimensioni e pesi Larghezza Once ahead Mansell was able to keep his lead at the pit stops and Fabi remained third so attention turned to the battles further down the field as Alboreto and Senna battling it out. Senna was going to join Alain Prost at McLaren. * Dalmas was not eligible for points, as he was driving Larrousse-Lola's second car and the team had officially entered only one car for the entire championship. I trofei erano intitolati rispettivamente a Jim Clark e Colin Chapman. Benetton had hired Thierry Boutsen to replace Berger as Teo Fabi's partner and with the Haas Lola team having closed down the team took over the factory Ford turbo engines, which had improved considerably over their rushed development time. Patrese had moved to second with Alboreto and Senna chasing. Honda had announced that it would not be supplying Williams with engines in 1988, despite the fact the Japanese company still had one year to go on its contract. Senna, secondo, fu squalificato a fine gara per un'irregolarità tecnica; salì quindi in seconda posizione Alboreto, a completare una doppietta della Ferrari. The atmosphere in the Williams had deteriorated badly between the two drivers to the point where team boss Frank Williams had admitted that he could not do anything to make things better but as Ayrton Senna was out of the running for the World Championship there was no chance that the two could take points from one another as they had in 1986 and let a third driver win the title. Senna was then disqualified for a weight infringement in his last race for Lotus. Nelle ultime tornate Prost cominciò a tallonare Berger, costringendolo all'errore a tre giri dalla fine e conquistando la terza vittoria stagionale davanti all'austriaco. The Williams team had its new active-suspension system ready and Nelson Piquet used it, while Nigel Mansell stayed with a conventional car. Both had to be separated Second place belonged to Alboreto with Prost third, Boutsen fourth and Fabi fifth after Berger went out with an engine failure. The Brazilian was second with Piquet third ahead of Alboreto, Prost and Cheever. Numbers without parentheses are Championship points; numbers in parentheses are total points scored. In qualifying the drivers found that thanks to the geologically active land the Mexico City track, already made challenging by the humid heat, dust and smog had become more bumpy than last year and there were a series of big accidents, including one of Mansell, and another for Ayrton Senna. Prost's McLaren refused to get away and so he jumped into the spare and joined the queue in the pitlane. On lap 68 of 70 Berger crumbled under the pressure and spun. I punti venivano assegnati con lo stesso criterio della classifica mondiale, limitatamente alle vetture con motore non sovralimentato. d. e. A Temporada de Fórmula 1 de 1987 foi a 38.ª realizada pela FIA, decorrendo entre 12 de abril e 15 de novembro de 1987, com dezesseis corridas. La stagione 1999 del Campionato mondiale FIA di Formula 1 è, nella storia della categoria, la 50ª ad assegnare il Campionato Piloti, vinto per la seconda volta dal finlandese Mika Häkkinen, e la 42ª ad assegnare il Campionato Costruttori, andato, dopo sedici anni, alla Scuderia Ferrari. This put Piquet into the lead and Mansell at the back. At the start Mansell went straight into the lead so there was no chance of a repetition of his collision with Senna at Spa. Secondo giunse Piquet, che precedette sul traguardo le due Ferrari di Alboreto e Berger. Behind the two front-runners Piquet had trouble keeping Cheever behind him and eventually gave himself a puncture when he tapped a wheel and had to pit for new tyres. With Piquet having nothing to prove and Mansell out of the way Gerhard Berger took pole position in his Ferrari ahead of Alain Prost's McLaren, Thierry Boutsen's Benetton-Ford and Michele Alboreto in the second Ferrari. World Drivers' Championship – final standings, Constructors' Championship – final standings. At the start, Piquet took the lead from the fast-starting Senna while Mansell made a bad start and had to fight his way back to third. In qualifica, Piquet conquistò la pole position davanti al compagno di squadra, Berger e Senna; in gara, il brasiliano mantenne la prima posizione fino ai cambi gomme di metà gara: Senna, che aveva previsto di percorrere tutta la distanza di gara senza sostituire gli pneumatici, prese il comando. Il campionato si decise al penultimo appuntamento della stagione, il Gran Premio del Giappone, prima ancora che la gara avesse inizio: Mansell, infatti, ebbe durante le prove libere un brutto incidente, nel quale riportò ferite tali da impedirgli di partecipare alla corsa. Tre settimane dopo, il weekend di Imola iniziò con un incidente a Piquet, che usci di pista e fini a muro alla curva del Tamburello per un problema a una gomma.