Not that any studio these days would dare put out a summer blockbuster that's half monster-on-the-rampage disaster, half guys-bonding-on-a-fishing-trip adventure. So it’s jarring when, in its final moments, the film descends suddenly and steeply into the abyss, with a shockingly violent and nihilistic coda. Among the cultural specificity is a coming-of-age universality in young hero Chihiro, forced to fend for herself when her parents are turned into pigs, using her resourcefulness and her friendship with boy-dragon-spirit Haku to earn her freedom from the spirit world. Quartet'. Johnson’s superbly inventive movie confronts the trauma of her father’s imminent death with multiple advance stagings of it. Our annual poll of the year’s top movies – at cinemas, festivals or online – as chosen by over 100 of our contributors from around the world. Tomatometer rankings of the top 100 best movies of 2020 and all time. Kaufman’s claustrophobic chamber theatre piece-cum-road movie-cum-psychological horror – made for Netflix and released straight to the streaming platform, bypassing cinemas – stars Jessie Buckley as a young woman who travels with her boyfriend (Jesse Plemons) to meet his parents, played by Toni Collette and David Thewlis. Even more so is the other half of the double-act: Jewell as played by Paul Walter Hauser. Bacurau is a small impoverished town in the arid north-eastern hinterlands of Brazil; but it’s also a utopia of sorts, with its tight-knit community who stand firm against exterior threats. Scopri i migliori film d'azione scorrendo la top 50 degli action movies da non perdere tra inseguimenti in auto, arti marziali, vampiri e zombie. From the outset, this manages to inhabit both a Ken Loach-type drab urban space and an insidious netherworld. Petzold’s ambiguously hopeful film is a declaration of love.” (Giovanni Marchini Camia, S&S online), Read our review: Undine is Christian Petzold’s slippery love song to Berlin, Where to see it: Not yet available in the UK. Ray Parker Jr was right. A radio operator and a presenter discover a menacing sound on the airwaves in this scintillating retro UFO tale. Audition (1999) Film. Check. In which case, you're missing out.Read Empire's review of Schindler's ListBuy the film here, 1995Ninety-five's other super-twisted, über-cool crime thriller starring Kevin Spacey (next to Seven — see entry 30). Elisabeth Moss is tormented by an unseen assailant in a smart, timely update of the horror mainstay. Guida alla programmazione dei film nelle sale cinematografiche della tua città. It is arguably his greatest gift to cinema, an infinitely ambitious vision of a space-faring future whose narrative centres on the most pivotal moment in human evolution since some ape-man first bashed another ape-man with an old bone. Bone Tomahawk. So far, so western as the village increasingly comes under siege: it bizarrely disappears off the map, mobile signal disappears and corpses pile up. And he tempers any potential schmaltz, too, with a sense of underlying world-weariness — one that he no doubt brought back from the conflict in Europe.Read Empire's review of It's A Wonderful LifeBuy the film here, 1962If you only ever see one David Lean movie… Well, don't. Now more than ever, in fact.Read Empire's review of Citizen KaneBuy the film here, 2011Somehow simultaneously glossy and gritty, Nicolas Winding Refn's '80s-infused vehicular noir was an easy movie to fall in love with — despite a few outbursts of spectacularly horrific violence. Trova film che non sapevi neanche che stavi cercando. Read the full list below, and head this way to subscribe to Empire. ” (Alex Ramon), Read our review: Mangrove relays Black British struggles of the past, + Mangrove gives voice to Black British Power, + “These are the untold stories that make up our nation”: Steve McQueen on Small Axe, Where to see it: On BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime. A hyper-violent entry from the DC Extended Universe, with Margot Robbie’s comic villain leading the blood-soaked jamboree. Don’t be afraid: We’ll spare you of the, “2020 is a horror movie,” jokes. It announced a bold new filmmaker in Mendes, and also got writer Alan Ball (Six Feet Under, True Blood) rolling.Read Empire's review of American BeautyBuy the film here, 1982With the "Amblin" style so regularly referenced these days (most successfully in the Duffer brothers' Stranger Things), it's worth reminding ourselves that it was never more perfectly encapsulated than in E.T. Josephine Decker’s adaptation of Susan Scarf Merrell’s teasingly fantasy-refracted portrait of the supernatural horror writer Shirley Jackson, played here by Elisabeth Moss. Something happened in that room, and we happened to have a camera there to record it. La classifica dei 100 migliori film di sempre secondo Fears of impending mortality haunt writer-director Amy Seimetz’s existential horror movie, a bleakly satirical exposé of moral emptiness and foreboding. The projected image of a country taking giant modernising strides was somewhat at odds with a cruel reality in certain areas, one such being the coastal city of Cartagena, which was decimated by deindustrialisation in the 90s. You start in one place and end up somewhere quite quite different. As Covid-prompted lockdowns led to increasing levels of domestic violence, The Invisible Man held a mirror up to the routine horrors scarring many everyday lives. The undine of lore comes out of the water to find love and thus obtain a soul. Wells’s classic, emphasising the fear of being watched. It was very dreamy and somewhat nightmarish, which appealed to me, but it was also very contained – it was basically four characters, and it takes place in a car and in a farmhouse. The opening salvo, featuring archive footage from America and Vietnam from the late 60s and 70s, including speeches by Muhammad Ali, Kwame Ture and Angela Davis, feels like it could be for a Black Lives Matter rally. And, thanks to the scope of Scott's visual ambition combined with a leap forward in CGI quality, the movie that showed the industry you could make colossal historical epics commercially viable once more. People with families, hobbies, traditions and songs. Caustic satirist Sacha Baron Cohen triumphs in his mission to restore Kazakhstan’s reputation with a smart evolution of his Borat character. We all still want one.Read Empire's review of DriveBuy the film here, 2000Ridley Scott's comeback (after a bad run with 1492, White Squall and G.I. We said: “In a story based on Jessica Bruder’s nonfiction book, McDormand plays a Nevada woman who joins the masses of American nomads – the new dispossessed who migrate in mobile homes, eking out a living from job to job. A.O. They could be the guy sat right next to you, in fact...Read Empire's review of PsychoBuy the film here, 1968This epic ballad of revenge, redemption and the painful rooting of civilisation in the Old West is peak Sergio Leone. (Kieron Corless), Where to see it: Not currently available in the UK, but available to stream on Vimeo-on-Demand in some territories. Following the Venice premiere of Stray Dogs in 2013, Tsai had vaguely announced his retirement, citing exhaustion with the production model of feature films. It's also perfectly cast: DiCaprio and Damon as the facing-off moles, Nicholson as the Whitey Bulger-esque Mob boss and (arguably best of all), Mark Wahlberg as America's sweariest cop.Read Empire's review of The DepartedBuy the film here, 1980Stanley Kubrick's elegant adaptation of Stephen King's haunted-hotel story — starring a wonderfully deranged Jack Nicholson — is often cited as The Scariest Horror Movie Ever Made (perhaps tied with The Exorcist), but it's also the Least Suitable Movie To Watch On Father's Day Ever. But myth it is. Case closed.Read Empire's review of Reservoir DogsBuy the film here, 2006Guillermo Del Toro's fairy tale for grown-ups, as pull-no-punches brutal as it is gorgeously, baroquely fantastical. Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer, Dennis Hopper… Plus a pre-Sopranos James Gandolfini embroiled in brutal combat with Patricia Arquette. A down-on-her-luck New York playwright, desperate for a breakthrough before she turns 40, reinvents herself as rapper RadhaMUSprime. Gareth Edwards cited Coppola's vivid and visceral jungle trek as a major influence on Rogue One; Jordan Vogt-Roberts drew from it extensively for Kong: Skull Island, and Matt Reeves sees War For The Planet Of The Apes as his own simian-related tribute. With ‘Powell for PM’ graffiti glimpsed on the streets, McQueen and cinematographer Shabier Kirchner immerse us in the community in heartfelt, sensuous ways. Nolan’s brainteaser builds a rollercoaster spectacle out of temporal spaghetti. Graceful, gorgeous, unwearied by time's passing. We said: “Poignant and intensely moving, Days gestures towards a reconciliation with themes of desire and sexuality that have troubled Tsai’s cinema since the beginning. Birds of Prey is a whole bunch of glittery, satisfying fun – especially the unkempt, cheerful, chaotic energy of its protagonist.” (Christina Newland), Read our review: In Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn lets her hair down, Where to see it: On DVD, Blu-ray, iTunes, Amazon Prime and other digital platforms. Marcello elaborates the story’s symbolic thrust through an ambiguous treatment of period. 1. We said: “Nolan has mentioned that he’d rather like to direct a Bond movie, and for much of its two-and-a-half-hours Tenet comes across as a 007 romp that’s been force-fed a course in temporal relativity and advanced nuclear physics. Lawrence's (Peter O'Toole) Arab-uniting efforts against the German-allied Turks during World War I. In the end, this makes for a terrifying ride with an ambiguous, unsettling conclusion.” (Kim Newman, S&S, December), Read our review: His House gives a displaced couple no happy home, + intervieew: “I like cinema that cracks open your sense of the world”: Remi Weekes on His House. This model isn’t a kind of feminist utopia – it’s a necessity.’” (Simran Hans), Read our review: Rocks follows a London girl growing up fast and letting go slowly, + “We gave them too much power”: how Rocks became a gem by giving its young cast license to shine. Buy the book at AmazonBuy the movie at Amazon, Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141, Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing,Company Number: LP003328, Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT.All registered in England and Wales. What followed was a quick succession of smaller scale, more intimate works in various formats, including an excursion into virtual reality. Oh, and by the way: Nice Guy Eddie was shot by Mr. White. You could also make the case that Avengers Assemble is a version, too. Il film racconta la storia di un … And it might just have the best title of anything on this entire list.Read Empire's review of Back To The FutureBuy the film here, 2001It may feature monsters, wizards and plucky little fellas with furry feet, but The Lord Of The Rings isn't a fairy tale. A Western which, in the form of Bruce Willis, not only convinced the world a TV-comedy star could be an action-hero, but also gave us one of our most seethingly charismatic big-screen villain-players: Alan Rickman.Read Empire's review of Die HardBuy the film here, 1993When dinosaurs first ruled the movie-Earth, they did so in a herky-jerky stop-motion manner that while charmingly effective, required a fair dose of disbelief-suspension. While she outlines Berlin’s urban development across the 20th century, the camera glides over miniature models of the capital. This culture-clash chamber piece finds wit as well as heartache in four migrants’ exile to the dampest corner of Europe – Scotland. Especially when your mentor is J.K. Simmons' monstrous Fletcher: a raging bully who makes army drill instructors look like Care Bears. But if you really insist on only seeing one David Lean movie, then make sure it's Lawrence Of Arabia, the movie that put both the "sweeping" and the "epic" into "sweeping epic" with its breath-taking depiction of T.E. But it never feels crowbarred-in. It is also a deeply moving prayer of admiration for girls – the wary, watchful ones who have learned to expect nothing of anybody except one another, from whom they expect, and regularly receive, the world.” (Jessica Kiang), Read our review: Never Rarely Sometimes Always: Eliza Hittman’s abortion tale traces the burdens of girlhood, Where to see it: On DVD, Blu-ray and streaming platforms. Well, with Inception he kind of already has. (Kieron Corless).

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